Summer Enrichment

Avoid the Summer Slide and Turn Education into an Expertise!

Saint Pierre Academy Scholars have fun while putting their knowledge into working action for a company, cause, or community effort.

Our Academy is a cohort-based organization that helps scholars gain access to the best-fit college and career programs, scholarships, and award programs.  We combine Talent Identification with mentor-led immersion programs to engage, educate, and empower students to a lifetime of success.

Scholars will be exposed to emerging industries in STEM and Art-based professions.  They can choose one of at least three possibilities for our project showcase.  Summer Enrichment Options include (but are not limited to):

 Option 1: Start Your Own Amateur Radio Station!

  • Career exploration for Engineers, Pilots, and more
  • Design station purpose
  • Equipment selection
  • Licensure course and exam
  • Giving back through civil service
  • Additional Skills Introduced: Morse Code, Survival, Drone Tech, Mathematics
  • Project Goal: Federal Licensure and Station w/ Call Letters
  • Benefit: Prepare for Fall project: Drone Piloting Using Real View





Option 2: Become a Podcast Producer!

  • Outline media program
  • Learn broadcast and marketing strategies
  • Using AI in the creative process
  • Writing/ Content Development
  • Speech: Prepared and Impromptu
  • Additional Skills Introduced: Interviewing, Research Techniques, Debate, Graphic Design, Note-Taking, Legal
  • Project Goal: Publish 12 episodes (scholars can work individually or in a group)
  • Benefit: Prepare for Fall project: Exploring entrepreneurship




Option 3: Get Published as a Book or Magazine Author!

  • Develop a digital eBook or Magazine

  • Read with expression
  • Outline and organize information
  • Write creatively to the desired audience
  • STORY element and character development
  • Additional Skills Introduced: Graphic Design, Writing strategies, Grammar skills, Research Format
  • Project Goal: Publish 1 completed work or a series of works
  • Benefit: Prepare for Fall project: Writing Lives

These are the most popular projects offered- back by demand!  All scholars will receive an overview of each project before they choose.


Regardless of their project, reading, writing, and mathematics is a routine part of Saint Pierre’s Academic Enrichment program. 

Details of Academic Enrichment 

Orientation: Wednesday, June 1st- Friday, June 3rd

Session Dates:   June 6th-July 8th (no sessions Monday, July 4th)

Session Times: 10:00 am – 2:15 pm, Monday – Thursday, Special Interest Groups & Exploratory Trips on Friday

Rate: $175/ week x 5 weeks = $875 , $225 /week if not attending all weeks.

  • This is flexible: You are welcome to select weeks!
  • Let us know if you do not plan to attend all 5 weeks.
  • Keep in mind: your scholar will still gain skills, but may not complete their project if they are absent.


  • Application fee =  $50 reserves your seat.
  • One week (if not attending all 5 weeks) $225 is due by June 1st.  Specify week(s) attending.
  • Full Camp=  $875 is due by June 1st (secures seat and $50 weekly discount).


  • Scholars Bring Their Own Lunch, or
  • Pre-Order a Lunch Care Package


  • Most supplies will be provided to each scholar

Location: Traveling Classroom to Project Sponsor Locations (within a 15-mile radius of Downtown Nashville)


Cohort sizes are limited to achieve the best results.

We look forward to seeing you!  Apply Now.


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